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Tips for IT Entrepreneurs by top Technological Entrepreneurs

Tips for IT Entrepreneur

Information technology is the future of the world and many innovations are coming out of this field. However, competition is tough and not everyone can develop something like Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft. Hard work along with smart work pay offs. Success follows up after number of failures. A good mentor that can give good advice can change the way you do your work. Here are some of the top tips from IT top entrepreneurs that we have compiled for you.

Mark Zuckerberg

markzuckerberg2007-e1400081922221Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and has been listed as the richest entrepreneurs under the age of 40. In one of the QA town halls, Mark Zuckerberg was questioned that how can the current entrepreneurs can achieve success ? He mentioned few important ingredients for success.

He said that success should go in parallel with your passion. Do such work that you want to make the mission in your life. Firstly, find out that what exactly do you want achieve or contribute to society. He gave his own example that he was really involved into connecting people and making the communication more easy and rapid. This motivated him a lot in devising new innovative ideas for Facebook. According to Mark, “if you are doing something which you are already motivated about, you can achieve success in that work much more easily.”

Bill GatesBill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. He first used the computer at the age of 12. He was also quite involved in his work. In one of the conferences, he advised entrepreneurs to start as early as possible. Entrepreneurs have to set their goals from the very beginning. He also emphasized on importance of partnerships. Partnerships open gates to new opportunities. Also it helps to build relationships with people that can prove helpful in future. Last but not the least, he said “Be committed and passionate.” Commitment is something that is missing among entrepreneurs now a days. Commitment requires you to remain consistent during hard times and work with patience.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple Company. He started this company from scratch and took it to new heights. He guided young technology entrepreneurs to focus on passion, design of product, and collaborate. Moreover, he also emphasized a lot about thinking differently. According to Steve, different thinking brings the real change. He talked about crazy, misfits and rebels. They are the people who do something different and change the world for good. According to Steve, these are the people that helps human to evolve for better. Without having a little crazy element in yourself, it is not possible to do something amazing.

Larry Page

Larry Page

Larry Page is the co founder of Google that has achieved success in a small period of time. He took the risk after leaving Stanford University and started working in building Google. Time proved him successful. Larry Page while advising your entrepreneurs on different forum said that invention is not enough, commercialization holds the main importance. The point he wanted to ponder upon was that many people have good ideas but execution and commercialization is where entrepreneurs are left behind. Therefore, he advised young entrepreneurs to give equal importance to execution as much as they give importance to innovation.

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