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Top 10 Cloud Apps for Small Businesses

small business cloud appsEvery one of us is aware of the benefits cloud computing solutions have brought to the world and there is no denial from that. Cloud computing has been widely in use by businesses. Many benefits are there for small businesses which they can deploy into the physical infrastructure like the storage system, email servers and even software. Cloud solutions can be used anywhere and anytime.

Here is the list of the best cloud apps every small business needs to use:

  1. Office time

It is quite effective in recording the billable hours you worked for. It effectively generates invoices and reports on the basis of invoices. It is best for the small business owners. It calculates the per-minute cost of the time for the number of hours worked and then generates invoice.

  1. Sage One

It is a cloud based app that is meant for micro and small business. Itpossess the features of invoicing, project tracking, managing the expenses and more. It has a great user interface and an intuitive workflow.

  1. Adobe FormsCentral

This app offers user interactive forms for the social media pages and business websites. The best thing about these forms is that they have business intelligence data analysis tools integrated within. With the BI components, you can analyze all the gathered data through the form.

  1. Box.com

Box.com is like a file folder that lets you access your devices and gadgets. All you have to do is drag the file into the box and access the file from no matter where you are.

  1. MailChimp

It is an email publishing platform which lets you design and send email campaigns. It is easy to measure the success of the email campaign because this app allows you integrate the software with the Google analytics and you can easily track the progress.

  1. Evernote

It is one of the best apps to organize the notes. It is capable of taking the sticky notes, pictures and scribble on the notepad which you have cluttered on your desk. You can organize all this information online. You can also use this app for recognizing the writing in the images.

  1. Google Apps for business

Google Apps lets a business eliminate the use of computer programs. It lets you create and save text docs, slide shows, spreadsheets and more on the Google Docs. The best thing is that several people can work on a single file simultaneously. Similarly, you can create and share calendars on Google calendar for making event reminders. With Gmail for business, you get personalized email accounts which are easy to step and amend. They are flexible and they have enough storage space from Gmail.

  1. Google Drive

It lies at the heart of a number of online servers offered by Google. When you treat an account with Google, you get free space of 15 GB. In case you are using Gmail, Google calendar or YouTube, you have a drive account already. It lets you upload photos, videos, google docs, sheets, slides, drawings, files and presentations. You can share files other our users that have google drive account. You can also sync folders from your PC/laptop to the Google drive. The interface provided is simple and it is easy to navigate.

  1. Mindomo 5 Premium

This app has a seamless desktop design and its online functionality, interpretability and design lets you create maps and manage the tasks in the best way.

  1. Mozy

This app lets has an online backup service that lets you create backup of your files in your computer or even the server. That means your files all always be accessible.

Each app has some purpose to fulfill. The more apps you use, the more your business operations will become smooth.

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