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Top 10 SEO Tools For Content Marketing

Content MarketingContent marketing is more than just creating, optimizing and distributing valuable content for growing the web presence. It also involves steering the actions of customers, driving traffic, generating lead and building authority. If you have the right skills and strategies that won’t be enoughto see the results. However, if you have the right SEO tools available at your disposal, then you will see quicker results of your content marketing efforts.

Let’s have a look at these incredible SEO tools are:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

These tools are well known for diagnosing the health of the website. The stuff which you can check includes page indexing status and optimization of your website for the Search Engine results. The tool is available for free, you are simply required to sign in and connect with the site in order to start using the tool.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tool

These tools let you monitor the performance of your website in the BingSearch Engine. You get information about website crawling, indexing and insights about content optimization which can directly affect your Google ranking.

  1. Google Analytics

This is one of the most widely used tools for performinganalytics. It is reliable if you are looking for extensivestatistics on the web traffic. Other tasks which can be performed through this tool include measuring the conversion rates, setting goals, tracking data, gaining the audience insights and a lot more.

  1. Google Trend

It is a free but a must-use tool created by Google for performing keyword research. Through the search results, discover the hot topics and track the popularity of keywords over a specific period of time. This will help you in the identification of marketing opportunities and planning for the success of the contentmarketing campaigns.

  1. it

It is a content creation platform which helps you find text relevant to your keyword input or topic. You can easily add complimentary text with it and share the post quickly on a number of channels. Try the free version and then if you like it, you can buy the paid plan.

  1. AdWords Keyword Planner

Lots of people might still miss the Free Google Keyword tool but now as a replacement is here, things have become easy. It is the AdWords Planner which provides you insights about the keyword data. It is a must have tool for small businesses and the content marketing professionals.

  1. Remove’em

This tool is meant to generate reports about all the anchor text links of a website. Through these reports, you can identify which keyword phrases links have been overused so you can modify them readily before it hurts your optimization.

  1. Internet Marketing Ninjas

This tool is meant to offer the Search Engine Marketing services. It also consists of optimization tools, social tools and a webmaster. You can use all these tools on your site for free and improve the Search Engine Optimization of your content.

  1. Word to Clean HTML

This tool is meant for converting the MS Word documents into clean HTML. It will be best for those individuals who are responsible for producing e-books or those who use the content management systems.

  1. PowToon

It is an animation software that lets you create engaged animated videos as well as presentations without using any technical skills. It is best if you want to create explainer or educational videos. It is available in free and premium version.

These tools if used properly can help you out in the optimization of your content big time. Stay in touch with the tech news to learn about the new tools as they are released.

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