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Top 2 reasons you need to Opt for Odoo

Odoo an open source technology

You are familiar with SAAS, and other ERP software used in different companies and organizational ERPs platform. but you might not be familiar with what is Odoo and its role. Today we are going to know about All-in-one management software called Odoo. Odoo is also an open source ERP software or a suite of business applications. These applications include Sales, Project Management, CRM, manufacturing to financial management and warehouse management and HR Resources just to a name a few. This all-in-one management software is available in the cloud or on-site and is most suited for mid-sized companies to small companies.

  1. Is it targeting to small size companies only?

Well, the answer to the above question is simply no. Odoo is a management software which enables all sizes of companies to form a complete suite of enterprise management applications. This new Open ERP software is the Replacement of other ERP business software.

  1. Why we should consider Odoo over other platforms?

Well, another thing is to opt for Odoo instead of other ERP software. The reasons are its affordable and economical solution of all your enterprise and business needs. More than 2 million Odoo users are satisfied with its cost and platform. They said that it’s easy to use and cost effective which can save your money and provide you an efficient solution. if you compare Odoo with any other open-source ERP then you will find out this software better written /documented and well designed.

Watch Below Video to get an idea about this platform

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