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Top Medical Innovations through Technology

Medical science has been improving from day one and use of technology has made its progress more rapid. From small robots (that can help in surgical operations) to water cleaning processes, technology has helped in making human health better. Here are some of the top medical innovations that are transforming lives of human beings for better.

Self-sustainable water purification system

Water scarcity is expected to be the biggest challenge of this century. More than 700 million people in the world are drinking unsafe water. Availability of pure water is becoming a problem in major parts of the world. Sea water without purification is not safe to be drunk. Self-sustainable water purification system helps to prevent infectious diseases. Through this system, sewage water can be transformed into safe drinking water. The one processer of this system can generate pure drinking water out of sewage water for 100,000 people. Through a proper heating, the water vapors are separated from the wastes, which are later condensed to give pure water. Such technology if promoted in local communities can save people from multiple diseases.

Artificial limbs with Natural Control

Artificial parts of the body were considered as an unmovable support for a handicapped person. However, recent technology has made it possible for us to control artificial limbs and hands through our brain. Scientists have tapped new parts of the brain, which when connected with artificial parts can take over their control. The control is through smooth motor control that gives almost near to natural movement to our body parts. Smart robotics were used to work out with minimal and finest details. The intermediary between brain and artificial limb is computer. It transforms the brain signal into readable form for artificial limb, which than acts according to the signal provided to it.

Frictionless Remote Monitoring

Many people are becoming health conscious and are preferring to wear things that can monitor their health on regular basis. In USA alone, a study found that 20% of adults are wearing health monitoring devices. Frictionless remote monitoring is for diabetes patients that helps them to save their doctor frequently visits. Moreover, it helps them to avoid needle testing mechanism. This testing device helps to monitor glucose level on small interval basis. It also alerts subject and doctor in case of an unusual increase in the diabetes level. It has got biosensors that use to detect changes in glucose level. It also has smart contact lenses that can detect sugar levels via tears with the help of tiny antenna. Last but not the least, It will save your time and money as well.

Neurovascular Stent Retriever

Blood flow to the brain is mandatory for our living. Without blood flow to brain, there is a chance that a person can die. A clot within a blood vassal can cause blockade of blood flow in the brain and result in disability of brain within few hours. TPA has been used as standard treatment object for this problem till now. It helps to restore blood flow to brain. Unfortunately, success rate of TPA has only been 33%, especially if blockage happens in the major part of the brain. The new stent retriever technology has increased the success rates among patients. This stent retriever with mechanical and electrical system is more efficient and reliable. It can help in ensuring speedy recovery of the patients.

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