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Unused Backyard Space? Cover Can Help

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If you are a villa owner, you know just how handy having a garden and/or backyard is. All that extra space is quite useful for many things, such as letting your kids play freely, parking your car, build a pool, and many more options. But many people fail to take into consideration that all the unused space can become an extension of the main home, serving as a playhouse, an office, or any other desired function.

A company called Cover delivers a new and innovative service that meets this exact need: equip that unused space with a well-designed and fully-featured space, that can fulfill the demands that led to its construction in the first place. This happens thanks to Cover’s design optimization software, which allows them to offer clients solutions that are custom-tailored for their case.

Other than looking at the space available and all the potential it holds, the service provided by Cover takes a look at more boring (but essential) stuff, such as what is or is not allowed in that area by local authorities and regulations. In terms of construction, Cover’s building system also brings several innovations.

One of them is the fact that seams are integrated into the designs, allowing for an easier placement and assembly on-site. Drywall is replaced by a multi-material sandwich alternative, allowing for greater serviceability, along with quick connections used for the electrical installation. Last but not least, Cover’s creations also have high standards in terms of insulation, with an R-value of 22.

Several minds are behind Cover’s new and innovative designs, but one of them is worth a special praise. Thomas Heyer, the company’s lead designer, takes advantage all his previous work and expertise, which brought him many honors and awards, in order to create and implement the aforementioned construction innovations – key for Cover to stand out from the competition.

The solutions offered by Cover, from which a pool house, a studio, an` office, and an in-law suite are some examples, can fulfill many different needs, bringing additional functionality and flexibility to the homeowners who decide to implement them and making their lives easier and happier.

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