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VOCO Launches Its Own Token to Boost its Chat Platform

Voco AI based chat app

As one of the most popular concepts of today’s technological innovation, the blockchain technology is becoming widespread in a multitude of industries. Marketing, being an essential tool for businesses all around the world, is not left behind in the use of this technology and blockchain is being adopted as part of its procedures.

Delivering a completely new approach to marketing and, more specifically, to “word of mouth” marketing, VOCO Chat also decided to implement blockchain to its platform, namely via the introduction of its own token, VOCO Token, which will serve as a way for people to be rewarded for their actions, such as promoting a product, a service, or a vendor, among other things.

To provide context, let it be said that VOCO Chat is a web-based chat app that boosts business activity by giving incentives to customers for them to engage, thus increasing the traffic of vendors in an easy and automatic way. It sends chat messages in a multitude of scenarios, leading the users to engage with the vendors.

After any interaction with a business, VOCO Chat prompts customers to share their experiences and reviews on their favorite social network. This allows for the customer’s contacts to follow up on those businesses and even purchase the same item or service that was acquired by the customer – something that can be described as “mouth to mouth” in the digital world.

Now, the platform is getting a whole new token that promises to encourage customers to engage even further, as they will receive it as a reward for their actions. Other than the ones mentioned above, the rewards can also come in the form of a discount while buying a specific product or service.

VOCO Token is then a way for VOCO Chat to have its own loyalty program, in a decentralized and automated fashion, allowing businesses to leverage the engagement brought by this program to improve their numbers. All this using blockchain, one of the most promising technologies at the moment, which puts VOCO’s platform at the crest of the wave in terms of innovation, technological and otherwise.

To learn more about the platform and the token, check VOCO’s Telegram or the video below:

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