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What new to expect in iPhone 7

iphone 7 Review

iPhone 6 did not went up as per expectations in terms of profits. Apple Company for the first time saw decline in its year to year sales after the release of iPhone 6. The new iPhone 7 is planned to overcome this unexpected trend.

So what is expected from the new iPhone 7 is the currently the major question in the Smartphone world. Apple has to do something extraordinary in order to pace up its growth. It is almost certain the iPhone 7 is going to hit the market in 2016. Apple usually launches iPhone new model in September. However, there can be fluctuation in the month this time.

One of the new feature according to trendforce press release is water proof iPhone 7. Moreover, iPhone 7 will have 3GB memory. Wireless charging of Apple phone is yet another rumor. Wireless charging was predicted for iPhone 6s as well. However, such technological up gradation didn’t took place at that time. Therefore, there is a lot of chance that wireless charging technology that is appearing close to reality will be present in iPhone 7.


Anti-overheating technology is expected to be incorporated in the new Apple iPhone model. There have been number of complaints as per report by Forbes regarding touch ID overheating issue. Anti-overheating technology is expected due to launch of a new patent by Apple with US trade mark and patent office. The patent was regarding a method of automatically controlling usage of set in order to lower down heat. The inbuilt sensors in iPhone will monitor the heat and will adjust the power according to the requirements.

Gesture passcode

Gesture Passcode is expected to be the new security measure for iPhone users. Gesture passcode will be an added feature only, and passcode key will also remain as an option for the users. The introduction of 6 key passcode in iPhone 6 did received some kind of criticism. People found this new key as an elongated process. The new gesture passcode patent was granted to Apple some time ago. The name of the patent is “gesture entry technique.” Such gesture passcode are coming in some Android phones but it will surely be something new in Apple’s Smartphone. Such functionality will help you to lock and unlock your phone using different type of gestures e.g. 2 finger right swipe, three finger left swipe etc.

E-sim card

This option might come in the upcoming iPhone. According to one recent report of financial times, e-sim card will close the era of small physical sims. Apple and Samsung both are planning to launch factory embedded sim that will have an ability to run on multiple networks. They will be incorporated within the body and could not be separated from the phone. Mobile data plans could directly be taken from the Apple iOs system. However, this move is not something that will go away without criticism. It will be difficult for Apple to cover all networks across the world.

Nothing certain can be said about new features until iPhone 7 is launched this year expectedly. With the passage of time, more rumors might surface and the present rumors might be confirmed. Let’s wait and see what Apple has to offer for its users in the near future.

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