Why Announcing in Instagram is a Good Move
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Why Announcing in Instagram is a Good Move

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With more than 600 million users, Instagram is yet another of Facebook’s marketing tools. This means you will have access to the data Facebook collects, from its more than 1 billion users spread across the world. It also provides access to amazing “clickthrough” rates relative to other mobile advertising engines, for example.

There are ways to evolve your Instagram profile, such as buying Instagram likes.But is advertising better? And how does it work, exactly? Should you consider it? How it will activate your audience, and what goals you can draw? This article will reveal some good practices for advertising on Instagram, and why is it a good move.

With Instagram being part of Facebook, there is an immediate advantage: the Power Editor tool, which contains public targeting options for ads on Instagram similar to what already existed on Facebook for some time.There, you can choose your audience based on location, gender, age, interests, and other parameters.

If you want people to visit your website, install your apps, see your images or your videos, Instagram lets you choose the objective of your campaign in a simple way.

If you have created a compelling landing page, thus encouraging visitors to buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter, the goal of website clicks is perfect for you. And with an important differential: you only pay when someone actually clicks the call-to-action button, meaning only the most engaged and interested users will cost you.

If you are promoting an app and your goal is for people to download it, an Instagram campaign is extremely powerful. This happens because, with a single click, the user will go to the App Store or Play Store, and you only pay when a user installs the app.

If you are looking to promote an image or video campaign for everyone to see, the goal of Image or Video Viewing is perfect.

From the innovation point of view, Instagram is also the place where several brands are betting chips, and especially in a time where mobile devices gain more and more importance, having a good online presence and new sales channels is a fundamental step in the Way to sell their products and services.

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