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Why myMail is Better Than Gmail

Email management tools are a great way to easily handle your messages. However, with the huge number of apps available out there, it can be hard to know what is the best tool for you.

In this article, we will be covering two of the most popular email applications, Gmail and myMail, citing the differences between the two and explaining in detail why one of them is likely better than the other.

Multiple Account Management

Gmail allows you to easily manage your Google Mail account, enabling the management of multiple Google Mail accounts in the application. However, it does not provide the ability to manage multiple accounts from various service providers.

On the other hand, myMail allows users  to manage accounts from differnent service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, AOL, and others. And, if a given service provider is not on the list, users can simply click “Others” and input the details of their accounts.


The Gmail app allows you to instantly search through your entire Gmail account, using only a few gestures. You simply have to type the keywords you want to find and Gmail searches your account for you.

myMail provides a Smart Search feature where, like in Gmail, you provide the keywords you want and myMail will search your accounts for you. The app also allows you to filter your search by date, sender, recipient, or subject, making it a powerful tool that makes finding emails extremely easy.

Message Management

With a simple slide gesture, myMail provides you with various options to manage your message. Those options are delete, move, spam, and read/unread, and flag. Gmail offers the same options for managing your email.


Both myMail and Gmail have a clean interface that allows you to easily view your message. The platform is very easy to use on both applications, which is why myMail and Gmail get thumbs up for their sleek and user-friendly platform.

Attachment of Images

Both myMail and Gmail allow you to quickly attach images. When you are composing your message, simply tap the attach button to include the images you want. Check out, in this video, how myMail just needs 8 seconds to attach an image, while Gmail takes 23 seconds.

Thumbnail Views

When you open your messages, you can easily view thumbnails of the attached messages at the top. You do not need to download the images in order to see them – you simply click the image and it will quickly show up.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not have a similar feature. You still have the ability to view the attached files on your messages, but you have to download them in order to view the files.

Smart and Flexible Push Notifications

With the myMail app, you can configure email notifications to only arrive during desired periods of time. This means that you can be notified when new emails arrive during the work day, but have notifications disabled during your quiet hours.

Final Verdict

Gmail is good great if you want to manage multiple Gmail accounts, but myMail has all the features Gmail offers and allows users to manage not only Gmail accounts but also other ones from other service providers. So, the  winner for the best email management application has to be myMail.

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