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Worried about your privacy, secure your data through encrypted email service

Privacy matter a lots nowadays. In today’s world, all of our life is spread on the internet. However, internet has become one of the least secured places. Private hackers can go deep into your systems, ranging from your emails to webcams. However, more frightening is the thought about government agencies digging in your data. The latest disclosure of National Security Agency (NSA) spying on common Americans and across the globe is a wakeup call for the advocates of privacy. NSA as per theguardian report was involved in performing warrantless searches based on American people calls and emails.

The revelations by Edward Snowden regarding how every data traffic is being recorded and analyzed has been a source of a huge cry in internet security circles. Emails are least secured and they are the prime target by government agencies.

Such a state of insecurity has created room for secured emails, which did not worked efficiently to offer people some satisfactory thing. Moreover, secured server sites were exploiting the situation by offering free service for few months, and then charging hefty amounts from users and companies. Many individuals used such service for few months until it became so much expensive, that they had to drop it.

Recently, a new protected/encrypted email service has surfaced, which is titled by Forbes as “The only email system that NSA can’t access.” This secured and encrypted email address is formed by CERN, which is European Organization for Nuclear Research. This not for profit venture is the brainchild of MIT scientists. They decided to build something secure, after Edward Snowden reveled regarding heinous attacks on privacy by NSA. The name of the service is Protonmail.

Protonmail system is fairly easily and it do not require users to go into complexities. Protonmail encrypt the data on the browser, before it reaches the server. It means that encryption key do not reach the server. Even Protonmail administration cannot know about the encryption key. Many other encryption services use to encrypt the data on their own servers, which raises question on data security.

Gmail on the other hand have implemented this strategy but Google still have encryption key on their server that can help to decrypt their data.

The Protonmail servers are located in safe house in Switzerland, which is a very secure place. Recently, Protonmail launched its iOs and Android app as well. The app is free and anyone can make his/her account. Protonmail do not want anyone to raise question on their credibility. That is why their team rejected funding from venture capitalists. It started with crowd funding of $500,000. Now it is improving and intends to get another crowd funding soon.

For common use, Protonmail is available for free. Free account provides the following features:

  • 500 MB storage
  • 150 messages/day
  • 20 labels

For a nominal fee of $5/month, Protonmail provides 5GB storage and 1000 messages/day.

Despite a massive hacker attack on Protonmail servers few months back, scientists were able to overcame that issue and within few days, they made the Protonmail servers immaculate in order to avoid any such attacks in future. Hence, it is now the most safest thing to use if you are a true believer of privacy.

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