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Solarin: Your Wait is over for the most secured Smartphone of the world

Few weeks back, a Smartphone named Solarin is launched which its maker’s claim to be the most secure Smartphone ever made in the history. A startup from Israel has been working from few years in making this gadget that is completely unbreakable. Solarin comes with Android system. Let us review it in detail in order to find out the specialty of this Smartphone.


Unlike Apple or any other encrypted Smartphone, Solarin has taken information security to maximum level. It has got encryption technology that matches with military level security. It has got one of the best camera among all Smartphones. The architects of Solarin claim that this phone is 10 times faster than any other Smartphone. They further claim that it can download HD movie within a matter of seconds.

The Solarin makers known as Sirin Lab said during launch ceremony that price was something they were least concerned, while creating the product. The target market of this company is not the common users, it is only those rich people that are very conscious about their cell phone security. The president and co-founder of Sirin Lab Moshe Hogeg said that if they had put price constraint on themselves, they would have been unable to make such product.

Privacy offered by Solarin

There is an option for the users to switch on the privacy mode. When this mode is on, all calls and messages are completely encrypted. The encryption is basically a military grade chip to chip of 256-bit AES encryption. This military grade chip has got no competitor and it is considered as the strongest possible mobile protection worldwide.

Design and Specs of Solarin

Solarin has got 23.8 mp camera with a laser auto focus. The design is simple and do not make the phone look ostentatious. The exterior is made of titanium and leather design.

Potential customers

Solarin is not a small investment for any person. The cost of this phone is nearly $17000. Such a high price tag is affordable for a small group of people who fall under a high income threshold. It is a best choice for business people who frequently travels and carry critical information on their phones. Hacking of simple Smartphones has becoming very easy and any expert can easily crack down into Android and even Apple Smartphone. Other potential customers will be celebrities and politicians, who intend to keep their privacy intact. A small set of information leak can cost them their whole career.

Can Solarin be hacked

Apple once claimed that it cannot be hacked, but FBI earlier this year hacked it. So same is the question which many reporters ask from Solarin Smartphone manufacturers during their launch ceremony. The IT security team of Solarin said that they are realist and there is a chance that Solarin can get hacked. However, they are prepared for it and can easily detect any hack and can reverse-engineer the attacks. Their team has capability to save information from the attack before the hackers can get much inside the phone data. Solarin has 24/7 rapid response team for this purpose. Although Solarin is not impregnable, but the company can detect any attack within hours and can fix it. It is better than any other Smartphone who even do not get to know about such attacks.

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